Wavemaker Fellowship Application

Every year, talented graduates are faced with the decision of where to start their careers. The Wavemaker Fellowship provides a financial incentive for graduates pursuing a career or starting a business in Rhode Island in technology, engineering, design and other key sectors, by defraying student loan payments for up to four years. The program offers qualifying individuals a refundable Tax Credit Certificate worth the value of their annual student loan burden for up to four years. In addition to the financial benefit, Fellows are invited to participate in various personal and professional development programs, social and professional networking opportunities, community-based…

Perceptions of Science in America

The American Academy of Arts & Sciences has released Perceptions of Science in America: A Report from the Public Face of Science Initiative, the first in a three-year series that will examine the relationship between scientists and the public.   It compiles data from public opinion surveys on general attitudes about science such as confidence and trust in science and scientists. The goal of this report is to increase awareness among science communicators, advocates, and researchers so they can better understand their audiences when developing outreach programs, messaging strategies, and educational materials. By identifying gaps in the current understanding, this report…

The Roots of STEM Success

The Center for Childhood Creativity at the Bay Area Discovery Museum has released the report, The Roots of STEM Success: Changing Early Learning Experiences to Build Lifelong Thinking Skills, which finds that children are capable of remarkable problem solving from the earliest of years.  Based on the review of more than 150 empirical studies from cognitive and developmental psychology and education, they found: 1) STEM thinking begins in infancy; 2) To become strong STEM thinkers, children need more play; 3) STEM amplifies language development; language enables STEM thinking: 4) Active, self-directed learning builds STEM skills and interest; 5) Mindset matters to STEM…

Policy Companion Statement to Science and Engineering Indicators 2018

The National Science Board released its policy companion statement to Science and Engineering Indicators 2018.  The statement underscores the Board’s view that growing the nation’s science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce is critical for our economy and global competitiveness. It offers recommendations for strengthening a diverse STEM-capable U.S. workforce inclusive of all levels of education.  Read more.

National Mentoring Month

January is designated as National Mentoring Month.  Go to http://www.risteamcenter.org/million-women-mentors/national-mentoring-month/

Digitalization and the American Workforce

A new report, Digitalization and the American Workforce, has recently been released by the Brookings Institutions Metropolitan Policy Program.  Designed to track the spread of digital adoption, the report provides a detailed analysis of changes in the digital content of 545 occupations covering 90% of the workforce in all industries since 2001.  They found that 1) digitalization is vastly expanding the potential of the American economy, and generating opportunities and 2) digitalization won’t happen by itself but will require significant improvements in digital education and training. Read more.

Narragansett Watershed Counts

Watershed Counts is a collaborative initiative of 60 partners, facilitated by the URI Coastal Institute in its role as Chair of the Rhode Island Environmental Monitoring Collaborative and the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program, working together to evaluate the conditions and trends of the land and waters of the Narragansett Bay Region. Watershed Counts indicators consider the region’s interwoven economic and environmental assets. The 2017 Watershed Counts: Climate Change in Narragansett Bay highlights three climate change impacts on the economy, ecology, and coastal communities of Narragansett Bay.  Read more.

NCWIT Applications for 2018 Award Open

The National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) Award for Aspirations (AiC) in Computing honors women in grades 9 through 12 who are active and interested in computing and technology, and encourages them to pursue their passions. Awards for AiC recipients are chosen for their demonstrated interest and achievements in computing, proven leadership ability, academic performance, and plans for post‑secondary education. Applications for the Award for AiC are open to those with any level of experience or accomplishment. Recipients receive scholarships, prizes, and more. All teachers, counselors, administrators, mentors, and other educators who encourage high school women’s interest and…

2017-2018 Nature Works Everywhere Grant Now Open

The Nature Conservancy will be awarding grants to support projects that implement green infrastructure to address local environmental challenges.  Grants of $2,000 will be awarded to 60 public or charter schools across the United States.   A Nature Works Everywhere project empowers students and teachers to work together to create and implement their own solutions to environmental challenges in their communities. Whether addressing issues surrounding access to healthy food, air quality, urban heat island effect, or stormwater collection, youth are empowered as social innovators to model solutions in their school communities through design and implementation.  Applications must be submitted online by…

Senators Call Out Phony Science Materials Sent to Teachers Nationwide

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) along with Senators Brian Schatz (D-HI), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) , and Edward J. Markey (D-MA) sent a letter to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to highlight bogus materials sent by the Heartland Institute to more than 300,000 public school science teachers across the country.  The materials which include an 11-minute DVD and 135-page book call into question the scientific consensus on human-caused climate change.  The Heartland Institute has a record of disseminating “alternate facts” including challenging the health risks of tobacco in the 1990s.  Read more. A PDF copy of Senator Whitehouse’s letter is available here.