Wavemaker Fellowship Application

Every year, talented graduates are faced with the decision of where to start their careers. The Wavemaker Fellowship provides a financial incentive for graduates pursuing a career or starting a business in Rhode Island in technology, engineering, design and other key sectors, by defraying student loan payments for up to four years.

The program offers qualifying individuals a refundable Tax Credit Certificate worth the value of their annual student loan burden for up to four years. In addition to the financial benefit, Fellows are invited to participate in various personal and professional development programs, social and professional networking opportunities, community-based events and more.

2018 Wavemaker Fellowship Applications are now being accepted, through June 15.

An ‘early action’ opportunity for applicants to the Wavemaker Fellowship program is available this year. For applicants who have an active offer of employment (meaning they have an offer for, but have not yet accepted, a job in RI) and a stellar application, we are able to notify them if they will be offered acceptance into the program much sooner than in the past. The hope is that the more nimble turnaround time will help them ultimately make the decision to accept the job offer & stay working here in RI.  For additional information, go to the Wavemaker Fellowship program website.

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