Technology & Engineering Literacy (TEL)

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) administered the first-ever nationally representative assessment of technology and engineering literacy in 2014.  Eighth-grade students were presented real-world scenarios involving technology and engineering challenges. Students were asked to respond to questions aimed at…

Physics + Dance + Wheelchair = Art

Alice Sheppard, a celebrated disabilities dancer and choreographer recently demonstrated the connection between physics and engineering, and dance as she performed on a prototype ramp designed and built by students at Olin College of Engineering.  The idea for the ramp…

Nation’s Report Card

The U.S Department of Education released the Nation’s Report Card on April 27, 2016.  Data showed that 12th grade students’ average mathematics score in 2015 was lower than two years before and that a higher percentage of high school seniors…

CTE Makeover Challenge

Acting Secretary of Education John B. King Jr. recently announced the Career Technical Education (CTE) Makeover Challenge which is offering high school students the opportunity to design their own makerspace. Ten winning schools will be awarded $200,000 to help with…

Computer Science For All

Computer Science for All is President Obama’s new initiative to offer all students across the United States the opportunity to learn computer science (CS) in school. Building on current efforts by parents, teachers, states, districts, and the private sector to…

Recommendations on STEM Education

The STEM Education Coalition has developed a set of policy recommendations for the 2016 Presidential candidates which include recommendations for key elements of a National STEM Education Agenda. The STEM Education Coalition located in Washington D.C. is a non-profit which…

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